2009 CBM News


Disagreement continues over EPA involvement on Coalbed Methane
In a recent press conference, Governor Dave Freudenthal objected to the Environmental Protection Agency's handling of regulation of water discharged from coal bed methane drilling in the Powder River Basin. He said the agency should meet with the state Department of Environmental Quality to discuss policy solutions, rather than issuing objections from Denver. But Powder River Basin rancher and coal bed methane working group member Eric Barlow says the D-E-Q this month rejected just that kind of E-P-A involvement....(12/17/2009)

Can methane water issue be resolved?
After more than 10 years and billions of gallons of water, a solution to coal-bed methane water discharge in the Powder River basin has been elusive — but a new working group met Wednesday in Gillette to give it another try.....(12/04/09)

Wyoming trying to satisfy EPA’s coalbed methane concerns
GILLETTE — Coalbed methane gas producers and state regulators are in a scramble to satisfy concerns listed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding the discharge of groundwater on the surface in the Powder River Basin.....(12/3/09)

Coal-bed methane working group focuses on water
GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) - Ranchers, gas industry workers, environmentalists and state officials met in Gillette to discuss how water discharge from coal-bed methane wells should be regulated in the Powder River Basin.....(12/3/09)

Call for Presentations Opens for UW's Energy Resources and Produced Water Conference
Submissions are now being accepted for a major research and information conference on water produced from energy development scheduled May 25-26 at the Hilton Garden Inn, University of Wyoming Conference Center in Laramie....(11/5/09)

Has methane drilling left us high and dry?
It took two decades to pump about 174 billion gallons of water out of the Powder River Basin....(10/3/09)

EPA raises concerns about proposed CBM water rule
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has joined critics of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality's proposed rule for ensuring the quality of water discharged from coal-bed methane wells....(10/1/09)

Coalbed proposal criticized
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has joined critics of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality's proposed rule for ensuring the quality of water discharged from coalbed methane wells....(09/30/09)

Wyoming DEQ drops proposed coalbed methane water rules
CHEYENNE - The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality has scrapped proposed rules to regulate groundwater discharges from coalbed methane producers in the Powder River Basin amid concerns that the rules are based on flawed formulas and bogus science.....(09/24/09)

Powder River Basin water losses debated, analysis pending
CASPER - Some areas of the Powder River Basin have experienced significant groundwater drawdown - as much as 625 feet between 1993 and 2006 in some areas, according to a new report.....(08/18/09)

CBM operators feel the squeeze
Black Diamond Energy Inc. is shutting in nearly 300 coalbed methane wells in the Powder River Basin, according to the company's president, Eric Koval.....(08/8/09)

Little room for elk?
Conservation groups say federal regulators appear ready to approve a coal-bed methane gas drilling plan that threatens to encroach upon the prized Fortification Creek elk herd in the Powder River Basin....(07/22/09)

Local Groups Sponsor First Powder River Basin Summit
Local environmental groups will sponsor the first Powder River Basin summit on environmental and energy issues through Wednesday in Billings, Mont...(6/16/09)

Wyoming DEQ Still Reviewing CBM Water Report
CHEYENNE - Wyoming environmental regulators are still reviewing an independent report that found flaws in how the state determines pollution limits in certain coal-bed methane discharge water....(6/16/09)

CBM Water in Powder River Has Little Effect on Montana Water
A new test developed by a University of Wyoming researcher can trace co-produced coal-bed natural gas water — even after it flows into rivers and mixes with other water sources....(6/8/09)

Group: Wyo DEQ an Embarrassment
CHEYENNE -- The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality is an embarrassment to the state by continuing to use a formula for determining pollution limits in certain coal-bed methane discharge water despite a report finding the formula to be scientifically flawed, a conservation group representative said Tuesday....(6/2/09)

EPA Asked to Intervene in Wyoming Water Permits
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - A conservation group is asking the Environmental Protection Agency to stop the state of Wyoming from issuing some coal-bed methane water discharge permits....(5/29/09)

Group: BLM still under-inspects wells
The Bush-era push for energy development in the Rockies forced federal land managers to shift resources to permitting while monitoring and enforcement of the industry fell by the wayside, according to a new report by the Western Organization of Resource Councils.....(05/26/09)

Wyo Enviro Groups Water EPA's Ear
Energy and environmental stakeholders who are sometimes at odds seemed to agree that this week's visit by Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson is a good thing for Wyoming....(5/20/09)

DEQ says flawed formula hasn't resulted in pollution
The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality apparently issued several water discharge permits to coal-bed methane producers based on a flawed formula and bogus science, according to soil scientists at the University of Wyoming and from New Mexico.....(04/21/09)

Grouse Concerns Halts Well Permits
Permits for some 82 coal-bed methane wells are being remanded back to the Bureau of Land Management's Buffalo Field Office because of alleged inadequate and inconsistent regard for sage grouse....(3/17/09)

Federal CBM Documents Face Second Appeal
For the second time in two weeks, conservation groups have filed an appeal of the Bureau of Land Management's Powder River Basin Oil and Gas Environmental Impact Statement.... (1/29/09)

Groups Challenge BLM’s CBM Strategy in Powder River Basin
Several landowner and environmental groups joined together to file an appeal last week of a document that allowed the Bureau of Land Management to proceed with coal-bed methane drilling in the Powder River Basin....(1/28/09)

Committee Kills CBM Water Bill
CHEYENNE -- A bill that would have allowed the state to regulate the amount of water discharged from coal-bed methane wells has died in committee...(1/27/09)

Groups Appeal Suit Against BLM Over Oil, Gas Work
The Buffalo Bureau of Land Management was hit by an appeal lawsuit Thursday challenging the agency’s 2003 oil and gas environmental impact statement....(1/23/09)

Methane Water Bill is Going Nowhere
A state House bill that has the potential to change the way energy producers in the Powder River Basin and the state deal with their discharge water appears to be going nowhere fast....(1/23/09)

Council watches environment, energy bills
What a difference a month makes: a $650 million downward revision in projected surplus revenues, a lobbyist said Saturday....(1/11/09)