2010 CBM News

How to protect your property
Wyoming's southeast corner isn't known for energy development....(10/20/2010)

The PRBRC: Who are these people? Are they holding up energy development in the Power River Basin?
For some, the mere mention of their name — Powder River Basin Resource Council — elicits a response similar to dragging fingernails across a blackboard....(11/06/2010)

Will CBM water issues get closure?
Eleven months ago, a working group comprised of ranchers, gas industry representatives, environmentalists and state regulators met in Gillette to begin to try and answer a question that has eluded Wyoming for more than a decade...(11/04/2010)

Wyo. wind task force favors eminent domain limits
Private companies that want to string small power lines from wind turbines to the main power grid wouldn't be able to seize land from Wyoming landowners under a recommendation made by a task force Thursday....(09/30/2010)

Groups Protest 64 Of 76 Leases At Wyo. BLM Auction
Environmental groups are protesting all but a dozen of the 76 latest oil and gas leases that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management plans to auction off in Wyoming....(08/2/2010)

Wyoming landowners learn their rights as Niobrara oil play looms
Campbell County rancher Don Spellman said his life changed 10 years ago when the coal-bed methane gas industry began drilling hundreds of wells in the area.....(07/30/2010)

Luca Technologies withdraws application
Luca Technologies and subsidiary Patriot Energy withdrew an application last week to “grow methane” in Powder River Basin coal beds, by injecting nutrients into local aquifers and coal seams...(07/26/2010)

Draft methane permits require water to be treated
The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has issued new draft permits requiring the state’s largest coalbed methane producer to treat salty water from its gas wells before discharge into the Tongue River....(07/24/2010)

Group slates landowner workshop
A massive, 300-square-mile geophysical survey related to the new rush on Wyoming oil is under way in Converse County....(07/17/2010)

Luca drops Safe Drinking Water exemption request
A company that wants to stimulate coal-bed methane gas production by introducing nutrients to native microbes in Powder River Basin coals has withdrawn applications for exemptions under the Safe Drinking Water Act....(07/14/2010)

Ruling stands: Appeals Court upholds BLM plan for Powder River Basin drilling
A federal appeals court has upheld a plan to drill natural gas on public land in northeastern Wyoming’s Powder River Basin, rejecting claims that it violated environmental laws...(06/19/2010)

Vote on New Wyo. Fracking Rules Planned Tuesday
State oil and gas regulators are about to vote on new rules that would require energy companies to disclose the chemicals used in a process that increases the productivity of oil and gas wells....(06/07/2010)

Luca's microbial methane proposal postponed until July
Patriot Energy Resources LLC has postponed its appearance before state regulators until July. The company says it wants more time to answer questions about its plan to stimulate coal-bed methane production by feeding nutrients to microbes in the coal....(06/03/2010)

Group issues draft recommendations for CBM permitting
A question that has plagued coal bed methane extraction in Wyoming since its inception — what factors and requirements should be factored into Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality’s permitting process — may soon be answered, as the Coal Bed Methane Produced Water Working Group has submitted a list of permitting solutions for DEQ to consider implementing, Ruckelshaus Institute and University of Wyoming Professor Steven Smutko said at UW’s Energy Resource and Produced Water Conference Tuesday...(05/26/2010)

Exemption concerns landowners
An agriculture-based landowner advocacy group is objecting to a proposal to "gravity feed" a mixture of vitamins and nutrients into the Fort Union and Wasatch coal aquifers in the Powder River Basin to stimulate microbial generation of methane gas....(05/22/2010)

Symposium focuses on education, energy
The University of Wyoming’s Shepard Symposium on Social Justice continued on Thursday with talks about how to make Laramie High School more eco-friendly, the burden of energy development on rural Wyoming residents and the importance of protecting workers exposed to pollutants, among many other discussions...(04/9/2010)

Ranchers win dispute over CBM discharge
The Wyoming Environmental Quality Council has sided with a ranching couple who contested a discharge permit for coalbed methane water that was issued by the state....(03/12/2010)

Will The Natural Gas Boom Undercut Renewable Energy?
Some of the "lab rats" in this petroleum experiment can be found in the sparsely populated state of Wyoming, near Clark and Pavillion, site of "hydraulic fracturing" or "fracking" during the last six years. Pavillion is now a potential super-fund site, and both places have seen massive ground water pollution, along with respiratory illness, cancer, and neurological disorders among the nearby residents.....(03/10/2010)

Mixed decision for grouse
Wildlife conservationists and energy developers alike found some encouragement in Friday's announcement that the sage grouse won't be listed as a threatened or endangered species....(03/06/2010)

The sage grouse decision Not listed ... yet
The Interior Department announced Friday that it won't list sage grouse as endangered or threatened, but the bird is now on the candidate list for federal protection...(03/05/2010)

Williams cited again for CBM water spills in Wyo.
A recent Wyoming Department of  Environmental Quality citation is just part of a series of problems Williams Production Company has had with handling water produced by coal-bed methane wells in the Powder River Basin, state and federal documents show.....(03/03/2010)

Taking stock of environmental regulation in Wyoming
Late 2009 wasn't a great time for the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. The Environmental Protection Agency weighed in on coal-bed methane development in the Powder River Basin, saying the D-E-Q was allowing water discharges that could damage ranch land. The EPA also told the department that it needs to take a stronger approach to managing haze in southwest Wyoming.....(03/01/2010)

Oil, gas says BLM poses big threat
Gillette-area oil and gas industry workers on Wednesday set aside the looming decision on sage grouse to talk about what they see as the second-biggest threat to the oil and gas industry in the Powder River Basin: the Bureau of Land Management....(02/25/2010)

Bashing federal regulators grows popular in state
A theme has emerged in Wyoming’s gubernatorial race that may have all candidates gleefully bashing the federal government....(02/20/2010)

Landowner, wildlife advocates see opportunity in wind energy regs
Wyoming wildlife and landowner advocates have praised Gov. Dave Freudenthal's call for a one-year moratorium of eminent domain powers for companies wanting to build wind farm "collector" lines....(02/14/2010)

Wind Resistance
I first see the turbines as I speed along I-25 near Glenrock, Wyo., clutching the steering wheel as I try to avoid being swatted into oblivion by a wind-whipped tanker truck. The windmills look tiny from here, sprouting from the flat beige plain like sunflowers in a neglected field. Wanting a closer look, I take the Glenrock exit.....(01/13/2010)

Driller criticizes BLM stipulations in Powder River Basin
A Yates Petroleum Corp. official blames the Bureau of Land Management’s Buffalo field office for piling on “ridiculous” restrictions that prevent coalbed methane activity in northeastern Wyoming....(01/07/2010)