2012 CBM News

State of Wyoming cracks down on coal-bed methane lease extensions
CHEYENNE - State officials have approved a new policy to limit extensions on idle coal-bed methane drilling leases in the wake of plummeting natural gas prices....(7-18-12)

Hunting wolves and sage grouse approved
Wyoming continues to go its own way when it comes to hunting, approving proposed regulations for the gray wolf to be shot on sight in most of the state, and establishing a hunting season for the declining sage grouse....(05/02/2012)

Sage grouse on the edge of functional extinction in northeast Wyoming
The greater sage grouse - the West's best metric for the health of the western prairie ecosystem - is teetering on the edge of an Endangered Species Act listing....(03/21/2012)

Find solutions, cut the rhetoric, save the sage grouse

It's a love dance, the traditional and elaborate courtship ritual of the greater sage grouse....(03/21/2012)

Responsibility lost in system
AFTER seeing the damage done to water and land resources in the Powder River Basin, Bob Le Resche has a deep-seated mistrust of the oil and gas companies involved...(03/08/2012)

Time to put the brakes on
JILL Morrison says Australia needs to put the brakes on and adopt a cautious, go-slow approach to coal seam gas (CSG) development, before it's too late...(03/08/2012)

What US ranchers wish they'd done differently
WYOMING ranchers Erwin "Tooter" Rogers and wife Jo never welcomed the coal seam gas (CSG) industry - known as coalbed methane in the US - onto their farm...(03/08/2012)

CSG effects washing far downstream
MONTANA rancher Art Hayes Junior farms 65 kilometres – and across a State boundary – from the nearest coal seam gas (CSG) wells in Wyoming...(03/08/2012)

CCSG effects washing far downstreamBM Bugs Vs. Bankruptcy
California Company & Wyo Legislator seek to delay well-plugging with hopes that microbes will rebuild production....(01/2012)