Action Alert: Tell Rep. Lummis: Wyoming Ranchers Deserve a Fair Deal

Action Alert:  Tell Rep. Lummis: Wyoming
Ranchers Deserve a Fair Deal

     The Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) is working on new rules that would help farmers and ranchers get fair contracts and stop deceptive and discriminatory practices by meat packers. The big meat packers use these practices to lower the price paid to ranchers, and ranchers are unable to earn a profit.

     These multinational meat packers are trying to stop the new rules, so their unfair and deceptive practices that drive farmers and ranchers out of business won't be exposed. They want the House of Representatives to limit GIPSA's funds so that the rules can never be finished.

           Big meat packers drive smaller feedlots out of business by giving better deals to a select few larger feedlots. The four biggest meat packers slaughter over 85% of the steers and heifers processed. This means ranchers have fewer companies buying their cattle.

            Ranchers are receiving less of the consumer dollar, and consumers are paying higher prices. As a result, ranchers are driven out of business one after another. Over 11,300 beef cattle operations have gone out of business nationwide each year since 1996.

Urge Rep. Lummis to stand up for Wyoming ranchers and support the GIPSA rules.

  • Rep. Lummis sits on the House Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee.  The subcommittee is deciding how much money to give to operate GIPSA next year. Big meat packers and their supporters in Congress are likely to try to limit funding for GIPSA to finish work on the rules.
  • Rep. Lummis needs to hear from you that she must protect these rules from any attack on funding GIPSA by the meat packers. The subcommittee will vote on GIPSA funding May 24. 2011.
  • Sensible rules will provide opportunity for producers to earn decent livelihoods through open and fair markets and boost the prosperity of rural communities.

How you can help stop the big meat packers?

  • Let her know you support GIPSA's livestock competition rules because ranchers deserve a fair deal. Ask her to stop any legislation that would derail these rules.
  • You can also help generate more messages to Rep. Lummis by forwarding this alert to your friends, family, and neighbors in Wyoming.
  • Contact Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyoming). Urge her to stand up for Wyoming ranchers and support the GIPSA rules.

    • You can send your message to Rep. Lummis by the following methods:
      • E-mail Rep. Lummis through the following link you may write your own response or copy and paste a standard comment at Powder River's Website. 
      • Telephone her at 202-225-2311 to leave a message
      • You may also use the Western Organization of Resource Councils web site:  WORC Website