Action Alert: Urge Senators to Support Wyoming Ranchers

In the 2008, Congress directed the U.S. Department of Agriculture to fix the problems of unfair practices and market manipulation used by the big meat packers in livestock sales arrangements. USDA (Grain Inspection and Packers & Stockyards Administration- GIPSA) has proposed a solution with the UNDUE PREFERENCE FAIR LIVESTOCK MARKETING RULE.  Over 160,000 mostly supportive comments were received during the public input process. Now this rulemaking is under ferocious attack by a handful of powerful meat-packing corporations and their accomplices in Congress who are out to kill the rule.

But, we continue to fight back.

Today we need you to contact your Senators to assure their continued support for the Livestock Marketing Rules.  In Wyoming, Senators Enzi and Senator Barrasso need to hear from you to guarantee their support for these critical rules that put teeth in the Packers & Stockyards Act. 


You can do these two things to help assure a successful future for Wyoming Agriculture:

1. Use the sample MESSAGE posted below to contact our Senators urging support of the Livestock Marketing Rule.

2. Donate $10 or $20 to help Powder River Basin Resource Council (Powder River) continue to work on agricultural issues like livestock market reform. You can DONATE securely online through Powder Rivers's website.

Hardworking independent ranchers and feeders should have the opportunity to earn a living and support their family and local community. But big meat packers have been using unfair and deceptive practices to obtain livestock for processing.  They are able to manipulate the market price through these practices and the power they exert through control of huge volumes of livestock in order to corner the cattle markets.

Simply put, the big meat-packing corporations are denying ranchers and feeders the opportunity to succeed.

At this critical point, the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Bill cannot have an amendment or rider to hurt GIPSA FAIR LIVESTOCK MARKETING RULES!

CALL YOUR Senators to hold firm for the future of Wyoming ranching.

Join US Today by sending a MESSAGE urging Senators to support the Fair Livestock Marketing Rule, and by DONATING to support Powder River's campaign to reform livestock markets. Let us end the deceptive practices used by the big meat-packing corporations that is hurting our livestock producers and our consumers!