Action Alert: Urge Congress to Rein in the Meat Packers

A tiny handful of meat packers and poultry processors dominate the livestock industry, making it hard for an individual farmer or rancher to get a fair deal or equitable price for cattle, hogs, or chickens. Packers are able to use their monopoly-like power to manipulate prices paid to livestock producers.

Practices like packers owning their own cattle in feedlots and enticing livestock producers into manipulative contracts give these multi-national corporations unfair advantage. 

Through the Farm Bill, Congress directed the U.S. Department of Agriculture to fix the problems of unfair practices and market manipulation in livestock markets. USDA's proposed solution, the fair livestock marketing rule, is now under ferocious attack by a handful of powerful meat-packing corporations and their cronies in Congress. The meat packers and their buddies want to keep using unfair and deceptive practices and are spending lots of time and money to kill the rule.

But, we're fighting back. Wyoming rancher Judy McCullough has been in Washington to tell Congressional staff what the fair livestock marketing rule really means to grassroots, independent producers. Judy is a member of WORC and the Powder River Basin Resource Council.

Please help Judy by writing to your Senators and Representative and urging them to support the fair livestock marketing rules