Chapter 3 Fracking Chemical Disclosure Regulations


Wyoming hydraulic fracturing chemical disclosure regulations:



Section 8. Application for Permit to Drill or Deepen a Well (Form 1).

(c) The Application for Permit to Drill or Deepen (Form 1) shall be accompanied by an accurate plat showing the location of the proposed well with reference to the nearest lines of an established public survey. Information to be included in such application and its addendums shall include:

(ix) Description of the anticipated completion and stimulation program, including the base stimulation fluid and its source, the chemical additives and proposed concentrations to be mixed, identified by additive type as identified in Chapter 3, Section 45 of these rules. If this required data is not available at the time of submission of Form 1, then it must be submitted on a Sundry Notice (Form 4) and no stimulation of the well can occur without approval of the Supervisor.

Section 45. Well Stimulation.

 (d) The Owner or Operator shall provide detailed information to the Supervisor as to the base stimulation fluid source. The Owner or Operator or service company shall provide to the Supervisor, for each stage of the well stimulation program, the chemical additives, compounds and concentrations or rates proposed to be mixed and injected, including:

(i) Stimulation fluid identified by additive type (such as but not limited to acid, biocide, breaker, brine, corrosion inhibitor, crosslinker, demulsifier, friction reducer, gel, iron control, oxygen scavenger, pH adjusting agent, proppant, scale inhibitor, surfactant);

(ii) The chemical compound name and Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number shall be identified (such as the additive biocide is glutaraldehyde, or the additive breaker is aluminum persulfate, or the proppant is silica or quartz sand, and so on for each additive used);

(iii) The proposed rate or concentration for each additive shall be provided (such as gel as pounds per thousand gallons, or biocide at gallons per thousand gallons, or proppant at pounds per gallon, or expressed as percent by weight or percent by volume, or parts per million, or parts per billion);

(iv) The Owner or Operator or service company may also provide a copy of the contractor's proposed well stimulation program design including the above detail;

(v) The Supervisor may request additional information under this subsection prior to the approval of the Application for Permit to Drill (Form 1) or of the Sundry Notice (Form 4);

(vi) The Supervisor retains discretion to request from the Owner or Operator and/or the service company, the formulary disclosure for the chemical compounds used in the well stimulation(s).

(e) The Owner or Operator shall provide a detailed description of the proposed well stimulation design, which shall include:

(i) The anticipated surface treating pressure range;

(ii) The maximum injection treating pressure;

(iii) The estimated or calculated fracture length and fracture height.

(f) Upon prior request via Application for Permit to Drill (Form 1), and/or a comprehensive drilling/completion/recompletion plan, or by Well Completion Report (Form 3), or by Sundry Notice (Form 4), and/or by written letter to the Supervisor justifying and documenting the nature and extent of the proprietary information, confidentiality protection shall be provided consistent with WYO. STAT. ANN. § 16-4-203(d)(v) of the Wyoming Public Records Act for the following records: "trade secrets, privileged information and confidential commercial, financial, geological or geophysical data furnished by or obtained from any person."