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Tell the Department of Interior to Close the Coal Royalty Loophole Submit comments by May 8th
Coal companies have spent years building a vast network of hundreds of subsidiaries (556 of them in Wyoming and Montana alone) which they use to cheat the royalty system. That's a big deal because the vast majority of coal mined in Wyoming belongs to you and me - the taxpayers of the United States - and federal royalties help fund schools, highway improvements, and local infrastructure.(04/20/2015)

Linc Energy Charged With Causing Environmental Harm In Australia
A company proposing to open an underground coal gasification demonstration site in Wright has been charged with environmental violations in Australia. The charges could cost the company over two million dollars per violation....(04/14/14)

State approves aquifer exemption for industry
Water contamination issues were the focus of a meeting last month concerning the state's approval of an aquifer exemption for an underground coal gasification pilot project in the Powder River Basin near the town of Wright....(04/7/2014)

Wright Residents Wary Of Proposed Coal Gasification Project
It was standing room only at the Wright Public Library last night as residents packed into a hearing about a nearby project that would burn coal seams underground to produce synthesis gas or syngas...(03/27/2014)

Ranching in Coal Country
Powder River Note:  LJ Turner is a member of Powder River Basin Resource Council
L.J. Turner's family started ranching more than a century ago in northeastern Wyoming. He remembers as a boy cutting ice from the creek outside the ranch for use during the summer....(02/07/2013)

Groups seek expansion of Wyoming coal mining lawsuit
Environmental groups asked a judge Thursday to expand the scope of a lawsuit they've filed against the U.S. Forest Service over plans to mine coal in northeast Wyoming...(11/15/12)

NWF Report Bashes Coal Trains For Noise, Pollution
The National Wildlife Federation released a report criticizing the Powder River Basin's increased coal train traffic, alleging the concerns of pollution and noise caused by the trains outweighs the beneficial economic productivity...(08/03/2012)

Guest opinion: Wyoming residents deserve compensation for coal mining impacts
Wyoming has sacrificed a lot for its energy development. Many of us who live in Campbell County are suffering the impacts of providing our nation, and now Asia, with energy...(7/14/2012)

Coal clash: The Powder River Basin, where coal is king
To feel like a Lilliputian in Gulliver's world, tour the Black Thunder coal mine.  The roads are twice as wide as the Interstate Bridge. The dump trucks have 10-foot tires and haul up to 360 tons a load. The mine's largest dragline stands 12 stories tall and weighs nearly 15 million pounds, with screaming winches inside and a bucket scoop that could swallow a studio apartment. When the crane-like rig spins to grab more dirt, it's like being inside a rotating warehouse...(6/30/2012)

Environmentalists pan proposed merger of BLM and mining agency
A proposal to consolidate some duties of a federal mining regulatory agency into the Bureau of Land Management was panned during a hearing in Billings on Monday...(01/23/2012)

Forest Service Sued Over Wyo. Coal Mine Expansion
Environmental groups on Tuesday took their legal fight to rein in carbon dioxide produced from burning Wyoming coal to a new agency, the U.S. Forest Service...(12/06/2011)

Coal leases in Thunder Basin challenged
Casper-Several environmental groups filed a lawsuit yesterday opposing the South Porcupine Coal Lease, which has not yet been offered for bids by the Bureau of Land Management....(12/7/2011)

Coal On A Roll, Plundering America to Power the Asian Boom, by George Black
When Warren Buffett and his fellow Berkshire Hathaway director Bill Gates visited the Black Thunder coal mine last November, they did their best to keep a low profile. This is not an easy thing to do, however, when a fleet of nine private aircraft touches down at a small county airport like the one in Gillette, Wyoming, which bills itself, not without reason, as the Energy Capital of the Nation.

Technology, Politics Continue to Plague much-Hyped Clean Coal
Why wait millions of years for natural gas to form deep underground when you can produce it yourself in a few months? A Colorado company says it has a way to reinvigorate natural gas wells and make them flow again.....(07/07/2011)

Gas Industry Pains Over Cost of Coal
Regulatory pressure to address coal emissions not only douses electric utilities’ enthusiasm for new coal plants, it also has utilities — and their customers — examining whether the cost of scrubbing emissions from its current coal fleet is worth the cost.....(06/09/2011)

Opponents prepare for coal lease fight in Wyoming
Those opposed to a newly approved lease to mine coal in the Powder River Basin are readying their challenges to the decision....(03/14/2011)

Ciris agrees to fines, water testing at Powder River Basin well sites
A firm with a process to speed up methane gas production by feeding underground microbes has admitted to injecting that chemical "feed" underground without proper permitting...(03/08/2011)

Analysis of the Impact of Methane Farming on Federal Coal in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming
This confidential analysis, produced by the Bureau of Land Management on March 11, 2010, expresses concern about lost revenue due to the methane farming process used by Colorodo-based Luca Technologies. The company uses a process in which nutrients are pumped to microbes who consume coal and produce methane gas. The analysis was obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request by the Powder River Basin Resource Council, which passed on the report to the Star-Tribune...(02/22/2011)

BLM wants money from Wyoming company's microbe gas process
A company with a novel way to produce more coalbed methane in the Powder River Basin is negotiating with the federal government to determine how much the public should earn from the use of the company's method...(02/22/2011)

Coal leases move forward, but not without problems
A number of lawsuits and a deluge of public comment didn't stop several coal leasing projects from moving forward in 2010 and reaching the final stage in a lengthy process...(02/10/2011)

US lawmakers urge Salazar to fight challenges to Wyoming coal leases
Thirty-six members of the US Congress from coal mining states are urging Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to defend the agency's coal-leasing program against lawsuits filed recently by environmental groups seeking more stringent reviews of the air quality and climate change impacts from massive surface mines in Wyoming....(09/22/2010)

US green group to sue to delay sale of two PRB coal leases
A New Mexico environmental group will file a lawsuit Monday to delay the sale of two federal coal tracts in the Powder River Basin.....(08/27/2010)

BLM plans PRB coal sales in face of environmental opposition
The US Bureau of Land Management plans to go ahead with the sale of more than 350 million short tons of coal in the Wyoming Powder River Basin, despite objections and at least one planned lawsuit from environmental groups.....(08/05/2010)

Conservationists challenge coal mine plan
A local landowner and agriculture group have filed an appeal against a federal plan to lease 429 million tons of coal to the Antelope mine along the borders of Converse and Campbell counties.....(05/05/2010)

Lawmakers advance coal plant tax break
Amid much skepticism, a legislative committee voted this week to take up a draft bill that would add “oxy-combustion” coal-fired power plants to an existing sales-and-use tax exemption for the power industry.....(11/13/09)

King Coal  Most of the world’s strip-mining is done with Milwaukee-made machines. Few metro-area economies are more dependent on coal.
LJ Turner is a classic, modern-day cowboy. His family has owned a cattle ranch in Campbell County, Wyo., since 1918. For years, he leased thousands of acres of federal land as summer pasture for his cows. But now the land has been taken from him and is being leased to coal mines.....(10/26/09)

EPA chief: Wyo. will remain energy king Wyoming will remain at the heart of the national energy production as the nation turns to cleaner energy solutions,
Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson said during a visit to Gillette on Thursday.....(05/22/09)

Group: Look at climate change in coal EIS
An environmental group wants the Bureau of Land Management to include a broader analysis of the climate change impacts on the Powder River Basin before it issues more coal leases.....(11-21-08)