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Public Comment Time Extended for Food Safety Rules


The Food and Drug Administration's new food safety rules are vast and complex. With the May 16 deadline for public comment on the proposed rules quickly approaching, Powder River and our allies have been successful in gaining a 120 day extension to the 1,200 pages of amendments proposed to the Food Safety Modernization Act from the FDA. With that win, the public has until September 15, 2013 to read, digest and comment upon these major rule revisions. 

Food safety regulation is vital to protecting human health, but new regulations must address the real threats to public safety without putting small local producers out of business. This proposal as written will burden local producers with inappropriate regulation and a bias towards favoring massive, industrial methods of foods production. It piles on layers of bureaucracy that can stymie small farmers and processors. The real threats to public safety can be met without putting local small producers out of business.


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