Eligible Projects Bill Barlow Scholarship

Research Guidelines for Wyoming Science Fair Projects

Eligible Projects:

  • Studies of Wyoming ecosystems including, but not limited to, grasslands, sagebrush steppe, desert shrublands or playas, sand dunes, badlands, escarpment and foothill landscapes, mountain forests, mountain meadows, alpine tundra; or
  • Studies of the ecological impacts of development (industrial, residential, commercial, recreational) on Wyoming agriculture such as impacts of large-scale livestock grazing, rural or industrial sprawl, non-native plant/animal invasions, hunting and fishing, logging, coal mining, coalbed methane, natural gas or oil drilling.
  • Studies of renewable energy, energy conservation, and energy efficiency, including but not limited to solar, wind, hydro-power, and biomass (crop waste, municipal waste) applications. Renewable energy is defined as energy sources that are replaced by natural processes at a rate comparable to their use.