Fortification Action Alerts


Your Comments Needed to Protect Fortification Elk Herd & Fragile Landscape At Risk Tell BLM not to Waive Protective Lease Stipulations
The Buffalo Bureau of Land Management recently released the Camp John SMA 1.2 Environmental Assessment (EA). The EA authorizes the development of 25 coalbed methane wells and proposes waiving protective "no surface occupancy" stipulations for elk habitat and calving areas....(07/2013)

Comment on the Draft Resource Management Plan and Environmental Assessment for the Fortification Creek Planning Area
I urge you to protect this important and fragile area and its diverse and abundant wildlife species. The Fortification Creek Area is a unique landscape within the Powder River Basin and the last remaining area unscarred by oil and gas development. The area is home to an isolated elk herd, mule deer, songbirds, and sage-grouse. I personally value this fragile area and the wildlife it supports and believe the habitat cannot be replaced once development on the scale BLM proposes begins...(11/12/2010)

Protect the Fortification Area:  A National Public Lands Treasure
Wyoming’s Fortification Creek Area is a beautiful, vibrant treasure in the northeastern corner of the state. This area is far more than a creek, it is a 120,000 acre stronghold for many area wildlife species including the declining sage-grouse and the important Fortification elk herd....August 2009