Fortification Creek Press Releases

Coalition of hunters and conservationists challenge BLM's Fortification Creek Plan
Sheridan, Wyo. - The Powder River Basin Resource Council, Wyoming Outdoor Council, and the National Wildlife Federation, represented by the Western Environmental Law Center, filed a lawsuit today in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to protect the remote Fortification Creek area of northeast Wyoming's Powder River Basin from an ill-advised and controversial plan to open this area to industrial scale gas development....(6-19-2012)

BLM Plan Fails to Protect the Fragile Fortification Area and Prized Elk Herd Coalition Files Protest
Eight landowner, wildlife and conservation groups filed an official protest yesterday with the Washington Office of the Bureau of Land anagement (BLM) objecting to a plan to allow almost 500 new coalbed methane wells in the rugged and fragile Fortification Creek Area of the Powder River Basin. The protest outlines Wyoming BLM’s failures to comply with the law which requires them to fully analyze and mitigate the significant impacts on Fortification’s unique resources, which include a prized isolated elk herd.....(04/19/2011)

Group Asks for Stronger Protections for Fortification Creek Area and Crucial Elk Habitat
The Powder River Basin Resource Council has objected to a controversial new plan by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to allow almost 500 new coalbed methane wells in the rugged and fragile Fortification Creek Area of the Powder River Basin. The Resource Council has asked BLM to re-consider its plan and insure the area’s unique resources, including a prized isolated elk herd, are protected. ...(11/17/2010)

BLM State Office Rules in Favor of Fortification Elk Herd Buffalo Field Office Required to Take a Second Look at Impacts of CBM Projects ...(SHERIDAN, WY) Late Yesterday, a coalition  of landowner and wildlife organizations working to protect the wildlife and fragile resources of the Fortification area received four favorable decisions from the State BLM Office.....(12/9/09)

Group ask for Review of Rushed Development Decision in Credical Elk Habitat... In response to the recent approval of a controversial natural gas drilling operation in northeast Wyoming, sportsmen and conservation groups have submitted an official request to BLM State Director Don Simpson, asking him to review the Buffalo field office’s approval of the project and stop its implementation pending greater protections of a prized elk herd.....August 24, 2009 

Experts See CBM Threats in Fortification Area-A rare herd of prairie elk, precious water supplies and sensitive vegetation in the 100,000 rugged acres of the Fortification area in north-central Wyoming would all be at risk if coalbed methane development is allowed to proceed as planned, a coalition of Wyoming landowner and conservation groups warn.....July 26, 2007

Group Push to Preserve Unique Wyo. Elk Herd-The rugged Fortification Creek area in northeast Wyoming—home to a healthy herd of rare prairie elk—should be spared from proposed energy development that threatens to shred the animals’ habitat, eight Wyoming and national conservation and landowner groups declared today....May 9, 2007