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There's more to Pavillion to be upset about than recent conjecture
At a conference in Idaho late last year, a former employee of the Wyoming State Engineer's Office suggested, as if a foregone conclusion, that oil and gas activity contaminated groundwater in the rural neighborhood east of Pavillion. (02/18/2014)

John Fenton Australian Tour Website (02/2014)

John Fenton, Chair of Pavillion Area Resource Council Statement and a letter sumitted to Govenor Matt Mead regarding Pavillion....(06-26-2013)

EPA again delays Pavillion groundwater investigation related to fracking
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has again delayed action in its highly controversial investigation into contaminated drinking water in Pavillion, Wyoming....(01/11/2013)

EPA report defends Pavillion water testing methods

U.S. EPA scientists are defending the methods they used to test a key well in the Pavillion, Wyo., hydraulic fracturing water contamination investigation....(10/17/2012)

EPA vindicated on Pavillion fracking pollution tests
When the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its long-awaited draft report on its investigation into the groundwater contamination near Pavillion, Wyo., in 2011, the oil and gas industry knew it was in trouble....(10/11/2012)

USGS sampling in Wyoming appears to support earlier EPA results
There’s more evidence suggesting that fracking in Wyoming is polluting groundwater near the town of Pavilion, as U.S. Geological Survey water quality sampling appears to show similar results as an earlier epa study.....(10/09/2012)

Wyoming Gov. Mead: Wait for analysis of Pavillion data
The state may have to examine its hydraulic fracturing rules if testing in the Pavillion area shows the oil and gas production technique contaminated groundwater there, Gov. Matt Mead said Tuesday...(10/02/2012)

USGS releases retest data from Pavillion fracking
The results of a retest of wells in Pavillion allegedly contaminated by hydraulic fracturing activities were released yesterday, with little analysis provided beyond methodology by the United States Geological Survey...(09/27/2012)

Diesel in Water Near Fracking Confirms EPA Tests Wyoming Disputes
A retest of water in Pavillion, Wyoming, found evidence of many of the same gases and compounds the Environmental Protection Agency used to link contamination there to hydraulic fracturing, the first finding of that kind. ...(09/27/2012)

New test results due from Wyoming fracking zone
The U.S. Geological Survey plans to release results Wednesday from a new round of groundwater tests in a Wyoming gas field where another federal agency linked hydraulic fracturing to contaminants found in two water wells and local residents have complained of chemicals polluting their well water...09/26/2012

Stop the Frack Attack Rally and March
Check out this great video created by Sam Spear, daughter of EcoWatch’s editor Stefanie Spear, on the Stop the Frack Attack rally and march.(07/29/2012)

Investigation Of Contaminated Pavillion Water Presses On
In December, the Environmental Protection Agency released a draft report tentatively linking water contamination in the town of Pavillion to hydraulic fracturing activities in the area. ..(7/27/2012)

Day 4 – Pavillion, Wyoming,Jeremy Buckingham MLC Blog
Many will remember the emotional interview with Pavilion farmer John Fenton in Gasland. We met John atop Indian Ridge, Wyoming, where once the Crow and Arapaho Native American tribes battled for control of the vast Bison herds that spread across the plains...(7/27/2012)

FUGLEBERG: Doll's comments were public
Since news broke that Wyoming Oil and Gas Supervisor Tom Doll had said some ill-advised things at a conference of state regulators in Canada, I’ve heard a lot of stories and questions about what he said and where he said it...(6/24/2012)

Comment: Fracking causes pollution and earthquakes
California's Department of Conservation is holding hearings in Long Beach Wednesday to hear what the communities have to say about the controversial oil and gas drilling method called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Fracking has been found to pollute water and air, exacerbate climate change, erode property values and create tremendous amounts of waste; the disposal of which has caused earthquakes....(6/11/2012)

Top oil and gas official hurts state's credibilityTom Doll is wrong.
The Wyoming oil and gas supervisor told a group in British Columbia earlier this week that Pavillion, Wyo., residents whose water has been contaminated were just greedy, looking to be compensated...(6/8/2012)

Top Wyo official says Pavillion Fracking investigation motivated by 'greed'
While speaking at a meeting of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission in Vancouver on Tuesday, Wyoming’s top oil and gas supervisor, Tom Doll, said he believes Pavillion area residents are motivated by greed in the ongoing groundwater contamination investigation....(6/6/2012)

Wyo. official pins Pavillion pollution complaints on greed
VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Wyoming's top oil and gas official yesterday said the people in Pavillion, Wyo., who have complained that drilling polluted their water are motivated by money...(6/6/2012)

In Land of Gas Drilling, Battle for Water That Doesn't Reek or Fizz
It has been more than four decades since the first well was drilled in the natural gas field beneath this stretch of slow rolling alfalfa and sugar beet farms. But for some who live here, in the shadows of the Wind River Mountains, the drilling rigs have brought more than jobs and industry...(6/2/2012)

State of Wyoming offers cisterns to Pavillion area residents
Thirty-five homes outside Pavillion have the option of receiving a free cistern, or water tank, paid for by the state to ensure residents have clean drinking and household water....(6/01/2012)

Fracking lessons-What Boulder County and the rest of gasland can learn from Pavillion's decade-long fight
The water in the town of Pavillion, Wyo., has not been contaminated by the fracking that is taking place a few miles east of town.  There, I have now fulfilled the promise I made to Miss Ginny.....(05/31/2012)

Fracking rules, tests still up in air
Oil and natural gas operators use hydraulic fracturing to split open underground formations to allow oil and gas to flow to the surface....(05/24/2012)

Key EPA Fracking Study Update Delayed Again
State, local and Federal regulators have agreed on another round of water sampling in Wyoming as they investigate claims hydraulic fracturing contaminated ground water in the area...(03/09/2012)

Congressional research group issues report on EPA's Pavillion investigation
This week, members of Congress received a report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's draft report of the Pavillion groundwater contamination investigation....(01/31/2012)

Finding Answers for Pavillion Residents
Op-ed from EPA Regional Administrator Jim Martin...(1/22/12)

EPA's Report on Fracking Has Science Behind It
Op-ed from Pavillion Area Concerned Citizens Chair John Fenton....(1/23/12)

Congressional research group issues report on EPA's Pavillion investigation
This week, members of Congress received a report by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's draft report of the Pavillion groundwater contamination investigation...(01/30/2012)

Don't Drink the Water - 4
When Jeff Locker looks out over his 1,500 acres of land just outside Pavillion, Wyo., he remembers what it used to look like: three horses in the corral, fields of barley and alfalfa bending in the breeze. These days the view from every window looks out over nearby shale gas wells, his own contaminated water wells, and an empty pasture:...(01/25/2012)

Senators: Raise bar for Wyo. frack study review
Ten Republican senators have asked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to subject a draft report that theorizes a link between hydraulic fracturing and groundwater pollution in a Wyoming gas field to a more rigorous level of scientific review than currently planned...(01/20/2012).

EPA extends public comment period on Pavillion fracking report
Bowing to requests from state and industry officials, the Environmental Protection Agency will allow more time for public comments on a controversial report that links hydraulic fracturing to Wyoming groundwater contamination and will hold a public peer review meeting in the state...(01/20/2012)

EPA defends Pavillion tests but cautions on fracking link
In a letter to Gov. Matt Mead, the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency defended the agency's water contamination tests in the Pavillion area and insisted a tentative link to hydraulic fracturing isn't yet conclusive.....(01/20/2012)

Wyoming Gov. Mead grows into job during 1st year in office
The number of meetings was staggering. Lots and lots of them, day after long day....(01/02/2012)

Group tells EPA: Don't suspend frack report comments
A group representing residents of a community where the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has speculated that hydraulic fracturing may have contaminated their groundwater criticized Wyoming state officials for the first time, saying they're siding with the petroleum industry at the expense of those who have to live with polluted water...(01/17/2012)

EPA says fracking may be polluting groundwater
The EPA says fracking - the controversial method of extracting natural gas from underground - may be polluting groundwater. Nancy Cordes reports on a small Wyoming town whose water is heavily contaminated....(12/8/2011)

Texas firm to buy controversial natural gas assets in Wyoming
A Texas company says it will buy natural gas assets in Fremont County, some of which landowners suspect are responsible for polluting water wells...(11/4/2011)

Residents of Pavillion want answers to what caused their water contamination.
A few years ago, residents of the town of Pavillion began complaining of health problems that they blamed on water contamination. Many in the town wondered if local oil and gas development, as well as hydraulic fracturing - was to blame. Recently residents went looking for answers. The subject was touched on during a recent Hydraulic Fracturing conference and Wyoming Public Radio's Tristan Ahtone brings us this update...(09/30/2011)

Groups petition EPA for federal fracking rules
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency should demand that companies disclose the chemicals they use in hydraulic fracturing and conduct safety and health tests on the effects of those chemicals, more than 100 advocacy groups say....(08/05/2011)

Anti-Fracking Documentary Gets Showing at Cody Library
John Fenton's rural Wyoming ranch in Pavilion may be a long way from Hollywood and the Oscars scene....(06/29/2011)

Gasland to be Shown at Cody Library
The movie "Gasland" will be shown at 7 p.m. Monday at the Cody Library, Grizzly Hall, 1500 Heart Mountain St., and at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Fagerberg Lecture Hall at Northwest College in Powell....(06/22/2011)

Gasland Showing Sheridan, Wyoming
The Powder River Basin Resource Council is sponsoring a showing of the Oscar-nominated documentary "Gasland" to be shown tomorrow evening, April 20th, at the C-Tel Presentation Hall at Sheridan College....(04/19/2011)

"Gasland" is Worth Seeing
Having read several letters from oil and gas men in the paper, I decided to check out the film "Gasland" being shown on the University of Wyoming campus. The letters claimed the film was inaccurate, so I tried to find the parts that were wrong....(04/8/2011)

Senate, House bills would protect drinking water from toxic gas drilling chemicals
With growing national alarm over the health and environmental threat of toxic chemicals in natural gas drilling, five members of Congress are reintroducing bills to repeal the exemption of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," from the Safe Drinking Water Act and require public disclosure of chemicals used in the controversial process...(03/29/2011)

Outgoing Gov. Freudenthal credits success to family, co-workers
Gov. Dave Freudenthal and his wife, Nancy, moved out of the governor's residence and into their remodeled home in Cheyenne in December...(01/01/2011)

Gas drilling has blighted my life
My wife, Donna, and I have lived for 32 years on our ranch in Pavillion, Wyo., a lush agricultural area surrounded by the Wind River and Owl Creek mountains. In this dry region, we're lucky to have an irrigation district that delivers clean water from the Wind River to the several hundred farmers and ranchers in the area...(10/12/2010)

Wyoming Requires Disclosure of Chemicals in Natural Gas Drilling
New rules went into effect in Wyoming Wednesday requiring natural gas drillers to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing. ..(09/17/2010)

Wyoming Fracking Rules Would Disclose Drilling Chemicals
New rules going into effect Wednesday will place Wyoming at the forefront of the national push to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing [1], the drilling technique that’s been suspected of polluting groundwater in parts of the country with vast reservoirs of untapped natural gas....(09/14/2010)

EPA warns Pavillion, Wyoming-area residents of contaminated water wells
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recommended that several Pavillion-area residents with private water wells find alternate sources of water for drinking and cooking....(09/02/2010)

Feds: Don't drink contaminated water in Wyo. town
People shouldn't drink water from 40 wells in and around this central Wyoming farming and ranching community, federal officials said Tuesday....(09/01/2010)

The price of gas: A Need to Know investigation
Hydraulic fracturing — or fracking — is a process used by energy companies to get natural gas out of the ground. Fracking involves forcing water, sand and chemicals underground to fracture rocks and release the natural gas trapped within them....(08/27/2010)

Wyoming Survey Points to High Incidence of 'Fracking' Related Health Problems
A new survey of Wyoming residents living near natural gas wells has found that more than nine out of 10 are experiencing health effects consistent with exposure to chemicals used in a drilling practice employed there, known as hydraulic fracturing. ...(08/23/2010)

Group: Survey shows ill health in Wyoming 'fracking' zone
Four out of five people who have returned health surveys report respiratory problems in a central Wyoming community where some residents say gas drilling has polluted their water wells, an environmental group said Wednesday....(08/19/2010)

Wyoming delays fracking decision
State regulators will take more time to consider several proposed rule changes for the oil and gas industry, including more stringent reporting requirements regarding chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing....(04/13/2010)

Wyoming mulls new rules for oil-gas development
Wyoming's oil and gas supervisor said Friday that he's begun reviewing more than 50 written comments on proposed changes to the agency's rules and regulations for oil and gas development, including hydraulic fracturing...(03/28/2010)

Water worries threaten U.S. push for natural gas--PAVILLION, Wyoming, Oct 1 (Reuters) - Louis Meeks, a burly 59-year-old alfalfa farmer, fills a metal trough with water from his well and watches an oily sheen form on the surface which gives off a faint odor of paint....(09/30/2009)

Rancher Wants to Know If Oil, Gas Drilling is Polluting Drinking Water-A Pavillion-area rancher told a House committee Wednesday that he is frustrated with an inability to find out what chemicals from oil and gas drilling are being used around his home.....(02/12/2009)

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