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Farm, Ranch and Consumer Groups Applaud Federal Appeals Court COOL Ruling
Decision rejects meatpacker demand to halt popular country of origin labels and predicts meatpackers "unlikely to succeed" in overturning COOL...(03/27/2014)

Powder River Calls for Speedier Cool-Country of Origin Labeling date should be moved up, group tells Congress.
Wyoming cattle producers and American consumers have waited long enough for mandatory country of labeling for meat, the Powder River Basin Resource Council and more than 200 other groups told congressional leaders today.....(02/28/2007)

Powder River Rejects "Voluntary" Meat Labeling Plan
A newly introduced U.S. House proposal to create a voluntary country of origin labeling (COOL) plan for meat would do nothing to help consumers buy U.S. products, according to a member of the Powder River Basin Resource Council’s Agriculture Committee....(05/02/2005)